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Mary A. Livermore

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Mary A. Livermore

A big flower but not coarse, large petals of a pink color edged with white. A fine variety. $5.00. (Catalogue of 1907. ) Cornell Bulletin 306, p. 139. Symposium’ 1919; two votes; two 6’s. “Beautiful lilac flesh-white, with white edges. Color of Achille (Achille is a beautiful and much neglected variety.) Will prove a great peony.” (Homer Reed.) In the description in the Cornell Bulletin the flower is described as “Color (total effect) milk white.” The description does not seem to agree very well with that given by Hollis; the plant at Cornell may not have been true to name, or the blooms studied may have faded in the sunlight before being worked over. Mr. A. L. Kelly writes, “I am advised that the Mary A. Livermore sent by Hollis to Van Wert is a pink of exactly the description that he gives.” Sold by: 10, 16. Grown by: 18, 20, 23, 32, 38, 42, 44, 49.

Reference: 1920-B010:30