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Mary Contrary

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Mary Contrary
Ménard / D’Aoust
Herbaceous Hybrid
Canada, QC

Seedling # MM2008-05. Parentage unknown. First propagated in 2004. SINGLE. Flower size 140 mm (5½ inches). Blooms are long lasting, open a warm buttery yellow and fade to almost white before petal drop The deep pink flares become more prominent as the flowers age. Petals are slightly ruffled along edges, otherwise held mostly flat. Average of three flowers per stem, no fragrance. Average of three carpels per flower, green, moderately hairy, with mid pink stigmas. Pollen bearing stamens are yellow throughout. Produces seeds. Well developed, complete disc, white in color. Glabrous green shoots emerge to produce a large robust plant with broad pointed leaflets that is reliably floriferous. Height to 105 cm (41 inches). Early/Midseason bloom (corresponds to Week 4). Named in celebration of Mary Sinclair’s 65th Birthday. A Long standing member of Garden Club of Toronto, Mary is a passionate lover of the peony. In naming this peony ‘Mary Contrary’ Mrs. Sinclair has made a generous donation to Le Nichoir Wild Bird Rehabilitation Centre.

Reference: 2013-368:023