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Mary Jo Legare

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Mary Jo Legare
Herb. Hybrid

Hybrid. Parentage — unknown lactiflora x Little Dorritt. First bloomed 1976. Light red or very deep pink double, ball form. Good substance. Reliable. Does not have stamens, pollen or seeds. No fragrance, midseason bloom. Foliage attractive medium green, medium width, small on upper stems. 24″ height. Tastefully proportioned semi-dwarf habit. The color of this 4½-5″ ball shaped flower fades to a pale pink but the deep pink is retained in the heart of the bloom until petals drop. Color traits are clearly a legacy of P. lobata (perry), which was used by Saunders in creating some of his lobata hybrids and Little Dorritt as well. Named for Mary Jo LeGare, who has assisted me in the garden these past four years.

Reference: 1978-228:26