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Mary Woodbury Shaylor

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Mary Woodbury Shaylor

Double type; very large; late midseason. Guards cupped and rounded, surrounding a collar of shredded petals and stamens and a deep symmetrical center of long, narrow petals with a few rose-like stamens; pale flesh-white, illumined by golden reflections from the stamens and marked with strong crimson blotches on a few short petals in the collar; fragrant but not sweet. Dwarf; very floriferous; stems stiff. Foliage broad and abundant. Occasionally pinker than described. Its fault is the ragged collar in which the stamens blacken early. This defect is concealed in the later development of the flower. “Flowers on the original seedling plant stood about 3 feet high and were very beautiful. The foliage of the plant was very remarkable, the divisions of the leaves the broadest ever observed by me in any variety. It has been badly stunted by excessive propagation and probably will require several years of good cultivation to bring it back to its original perfection.”—Fewke.

Reference: 1928-B-d:120