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Miss Canada
Valerie Ames
Canada, ON

Seedling No. JPW-SP3-MUFFIN. First year bloomed 2013, first year propagated 2015. Parentage: ‘Spiffy’ open pollinated. Midseason bloom. Pink ANEMONE, 4 blooms per stem, size 6½ inches (16½ cm). Guard petals rounded, slightly notched at center, cupped, about 2½ inches wide (6¼ cm). When bloom is fresh, a ring of cream-colored petals encircles a center of pink petals. As bloom ages, the cream-colored petals become much more substantive. Stamens absent. Average of 3 carpels, green, smooth. Stigmas pink, with normal anatomy. Fertile. Staminodal disc well-developed, cream. Early foliage pink, matures green. Upright vase-shaped growth to 28 inches (71 cm), support may be needed if side-buds are left to bloom on the plant. Relatively late to emerge in spring which provides additional protection against late frosts.

Reference: 2022-DIR:XX