Peony Registry

Mo Lang
Lian-ying Wang, Tao Yuan, Fu Wang, Qing-dao Li, Yan-tong Shi, Jun Ma

Seedling number Z6-10-2. Parentage Suffruticosa Gp ‘Zhaoyang Hong’ x Suffruticosa Gp ‘Zi Luo Lan’. First year bloomed 2006; first propagated 2012. SEMI-DOUBLE. One flower per stem. Dark red petals with brownish undertones (RHS 59A). Black flares extending 20–25% from petal base, blurred edge. Petals gently and deeply ruffled. Occasionally has petaloid stamens which when present are narrow, twisted, and same color as petals. Flower size 15–18 cm (6–7 inches). Carpels 5 on average, pale yellowish green, and moderately hairy. Stigmas with normal morphology, same color as petals. Pollen bearing stamens, filaments same color as petals. Sheath partially encloses carpels, same color as petals. Not fragrant. Flowers

Reference: 2015-373:024