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Monarque Papillon

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Monarque Papillon
Martinus Mooijekind

Received September 7, 2020. Grown from seeds provided by André Laurion through Canadian Peony Society seed exchange, lot 2011-13. First flowering 2017. SINGLE flower form, 3 flowers per stem. Flowers 6½ inches in size (16½ cm). Flower color pink, fading lighter towards the edges. Very pleasant fragrance. Blooms mid-season. Upright growth to 32 inches (81 cm). Named to pay tribute to the exceptional work of the SPACE FOR LIFE committee. “Observe a starry sky, contemplate a flower, admire the flight of a butterfly or observe the return of birds in spring. Nature does us good and amazes us. Life continues to flourish all around, despite the exceptional nature of the situation.”

Reference: 2020-Pending