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Moonlight Sonata

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Moonlight Sonata
Uljana Blažková / Pavel Sekerka
Czech Republic

Received August 31, 2020. Seedling No. CH-11. Parentage: ‘La Fiancée’ open pollinated. First bloomed 1980’s, first propagated 2015. Has been distributed under this name to a number of botanical gardens in Europe. The name and description have also been previously published in two Czech magazines, Zahrádká? and Zahradnictví. Mid/Late season bloom (early midseason relative to other Lactifloras). SEMI-DOUBLE flower form, 4 blooms per stem, size 5¾ inches (14.7 cm), white (RHS:155A). About 9 rows of petals. Guard petals rounded, somewhat cupped. Inner petals irregularly notched and lobed, decreasing in size towards the center. Tiny linear staminodes hidden amoung the petals. Average of three carpels, white with greenish tinge. Stigmas white with normal anatomy. Pollen-bearing stamens at the center, filaments yellow throughout. Fragrant. Early foliage purplish green, maturing to green with petioles tinged purplish. Slightly spreading growth habit, height to 30 inches (77 cm). Named by the originator, Uljana Blažková, a former head of the botanical garden. The flower remined her of the moon, and she liked Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

Reference: 2020-DIR:13