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No.2 Hang Shao

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No.2 Hang Shao
Xiaohua Shi, Jiaping Zhang, Xiaobin Wang, Yafen Hu, Youbo Luo

Hang Bai Shao’ open pollinated. First bloomed 2021, first propagated 2021. Midseason blooming SINGLE flowers are white, 12cm (4.7”) in diameter, upward facing, and average one to three per stem. Fragrance noted. Guard petals are cupped and notched, and average 4.5cm (1.7”) in width. Possesses four to five moderately hairy, green carpels with white stigmas. White disk. Stamens are more than 2cm (.75”); filaments are yellow with yellow tips. Produces both pollen and seeds. Plants reach 70cm (27.5”) at maturity, and carry broadly pointed, green foliage. Growth habit is upright, and does not require mechanical support. Named for Jiang Nan, the region south of the Yangtze River where the cultivar has been grown with much success, along with the phrase “yue ming”, which means bright moonlight. The flower shape is similar to ‘Hang Bai Shao’, from which this cultivar descends. It inherited the pod parent’s excellent characteristics: single flower, white petals, well-developed stamens and fertility, so it has been called ‘No.2 Hang Shao’.

Reference: 2022-DIR:XX