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Nong Yuan Hong Zhuang

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Nong Yuan Hong Zhuang
Xiuxin Zhang, Jingqi Xue, Shunli Wang, Yuqian Xue, Xiuxia Ren, Ji Gao
Lutea Hybrid

Parentage: Paeonia lutea x ‘Shin Jitsugetu’ (Suffruticosa Group). First bloomed 2012, first propagated 2013. Multi-petal SINGLE flower form. Flower size 4½ inches (11 cm) with out-facing display. Petals are generally rounded, shallowly notched, lightly frilled, 1⅜ inches (4 cm) in width. The petal ground is color yellow, moderately overlaid with red, giving an overall orange effect. Normal carpels, average of 3, light green (RHS:140D) and hairy. Stigmas light reddish pink (RHS:38A), showing signs of feathering. Stamens with pollen, though some showing signs of partial transformation to staminodes. Filaments orange-red at the base (RHS:37A), light yellow at the tip (RHS:20A). No seeds. Sheath absent. Early foliage red. Stems, petioles and veins remain reddish at flowering. Low broad plant habit, height to 24 inches (60 cm), support not needed. Drought and cold resistance when established.

Reference: 2019-DIR:47