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Nong Yuan Mu Lan

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Nong Yuan Mu Lan
Xiuxin Zhang, Jingqi Xue, Xiuxia Ren, Rong Liu

Received September 7, 2020. Parentage: ‘Xiang Yu’ x ‘Taiy?’. First bloomed 2015, first propagated 2015. Early/Mid season bloom. Rounded flower buds. DOUBLE flower form, 1 bloom per stem, size 4½ inches (11.2 cm). Light reddish purple flowers (RHS:77C) have dark purple flares extending about half the petals’ length. Guard petals rounded, cupped. Inner petals twisted, ruffled, somewhat frilled. average of 5 carpels, yellowish-green (RHS:1C), sparsely hairy. Stigmas feathered, transformed to yellowish-green petals. Stamens absent. Partial sheath, yellowish green (RHS:151C). Annual branches to 8-10 inches in length (20-25 cm). Pedicels are thick and straight. Flowers up facing. Fragrant. Early foliage purple, matures to green. Narrow upright growth habit. Height at maturity 35½ inches (90 cm). Mechanical support not needed. Named for Mulan, a female warrior of ancient China who disguised herself as a man to take the place of her aged father in the conscription for the army. She had a distinguished career and rose to level of general. It was not until she retired and returned home that she revealed her true sex. The name was chosen to reflect the color of the flower, but also beauty and strength, in that the flower can survive drought and low temperature conditions and still bloom beautifully in the spring.

Reference: 2020-DIR:49