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Opal Iris

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Opal Iris

Semi-double type; large; midseason. Loose, light pink flower with salmon shading fading to white with age. Long, fairly strong stem. Average foliage. Offered by few growers. Surpassed by so many, there is little demand for it. Apparently rated much too high. “Light flesh-pink to pink. Longer stems than Opal, and possibly not quite as double as Opal. Essentially a landscape peony. Has somewhat the effect of Kelway’s EXQUISITE and Wettengel’s CHARLES NEIDEL, though I do not believe it is as good as either of them. Stems graceful and strong enough to hold the blooms in good weather, but it is not a perfect landscape variety.”—Bonnewitz. “A loosely formed flower of salmon-pink shading to white. Personally, I do not have a very good opinion of it and feel that a rating of 7.5 is all it deserves.”—Wassenberg. “This is undoubtedly VIRGINIE renamed or a reproduction of it by nature.” —Mrs. Wm. Crawford.

Reference: 1928-B-d:133