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Open Arms

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Open Arms
Bremer, Nate
Herbaceous Hybrid

Seedling number #NB-H4. Parentage: ‘Tranquil Dove’ x ‘Vanilla Schnapps’. Cultivar has seen previous distribution under seedling number. First bloomed 2010, first propagated 2015. Early blooming SINGLE flowers are blush pink at time of opening, then quickly fading to a cream white. Petals are arranged in a double row and turn upward at the petal margins. Flowers are 12.7cm (5″) in diameter, upward facing, and average one per stem. Guard petals are cupped, rounded, ruffled, notched, and average 3.2cm (1.25″) in width. No fragrance noted. Carpels are light-green, five to six in number, and moderately hairy with short white hairs. Stigmas are bright violet-pink, and of normal anatomy. Stamens are more than 2cm (0.75″) in length, with filaments that are a neon violet-pink transitioning to a light pink at the tips. No pollen, but has proven to be seed fertile with effort. Disc is incomplete, obscure, and white in color. Plants reach 63.5cm (25″) at maturity, and carry broad-pointed, shiny, unlobed blue-green foliage that is red at the time of emergence. Growth habit is upright, and mechanical support is unnecessary. Bloom is heavy, and the striking reproductive structures contrast with the white petals to create a magnificent show en masse. An unusual plant and striking flower that will not be confused with other cultivars. Foliage and plant habit are much like the seed parent, ‘Tranquil Dove’. Plants are a good candidate for the front edge of a garden. Flowers are bright and colorful, greeting the viewer with open arms.

Reference: 2023-DIR:XX