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Orange Bouquet

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Orange Bouquet
Herb. Hybrid

From 1964 breeding of two Saunders peonies: Silvia Saunders x Roselette’s Grandchild. R.H.S. color chart 28 c. Semi-double, this vigorous plant is a real color-break. Its foliage is a beautiful dark green. It has viable pollen, will take Roselette’s Grandchild pollen and set 10 seeds to a pod. Will inbreed and give just one seed to a pod. Will set seed on lobata or any lactiflora. Of its parents, Silvia Saunders is a blush semi-doub1e lactiflora; Roselette itself is lactiflora x (tenui x Mloko F2). One F2 of that cross is called Roselette’s Child and the F2 of this is Roselette’s Grandchild. Seedling # 888A.

Reference: 1968-191:29