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Paula Fay

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Paula Fay
Herbaceous Hybrid

Mr. Fay has named this peony for his brother’s wife who resides in Wentworth, Wis. This second generation hybrid peony presents a shocking pink color which has great carrying power in the garden and show room. The well placed blooms are carried upright on vigorous stems which have dark green leaves. The plant is very tidy in the garden never sprawling over the ground as some of the older peonies were apt to do. The flowers contain 5 rows of petals. This fine hybrid appears to be more resistant to peony diseases than many other hybrids. It is very winter hardy, surviving winters in Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with ease. A seedling of Bravura, this second generation hybrid is somewhat fertile to certain pollens. Seedling No.61-5, early, 35 inches tall.” Seedling # 61-5.

Note: Awarded the American Peony Society’s Gold Medal in 1988.

Reference: 1968-190:28