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Pink Fuji

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Pink Fuji
Xiaonan Yu, Wei Zhu, Can Zhang, Rongze Sun, Yaqi Cui, Hongzhe Sun

Parentage: ‘Charlie’s White’ x ‘Taff’. First bloomed 2020, first propagated 2021. Midseason blooming DOUBLE flowers are pink with darker pink rounded, notched guard petals and inner petals exhibiting a gradation of pink to pale pinkish-white from petal base to tip. Flowers are 14cm (5.5”) in diameter, upward facing, and average one to three per stem. Emits a pleasant fragrance. Possesses smooth, green carpels with light yellow stigmas. No pollen present, however, produces seeds. Plants reach 90cm (35”) at maturity, and carry narrow, pointed, green foliage with slightly curled margins. Growth habit is upright, with strong, thick, and erect red-green stems. Plant does not require mechanical support. Possesses good potential for cut flowers. The flower is similar to ‘Mons. Jules Elie’ (Blue Fuji), which is a descendant of ‘Charlie’s White’. ‘Mons. Jules Elie’ (Blue Fuji) is, however, powder blue, while this flower color is light pink, hence ‘Pink Fuji’.

Reference: 2022-DIR:XX