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Pink ‘n’ Yellow

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Pink ‘n’ Yellow
Herb. Hybrid

Parentage, Mons. Jules Elie X Claire de Lune, Varies between Japanese type flower form and anemone, medium pink guards, fluff of finely cut toothed center to a near full double rose type with a ring of toothed narrow petals around center fluff. Guard petals and rose type center petals are medium pink, center petals, pale yellow form, near flat to ball. No stamens, good substance, good amount of bloom, 1-4 buds per stem. Stiff stems, height 25″ stands erect, blooms mid season. Foliage dark green, good until late fall. No pollen, sets seeds, interesting plant. Seldom any two blossoms alike. As it ages, it becomes more beautiful. Seedling # 6008.

Reference: 1972-204:07