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Prairie Sunshine

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Prairie Sunshine

Seedling # 926.1 Parentage: Lactiflora ‘Gertrude Allen’ x Lutea Hybrid ‘Alice Harding’. First bloomed about 1978. Midseason to Late Midseason, Flowers 6 inches; Semi-double, bright yellow, fragrant, cupped petals form a spreading cup, mostly one per stem. The yellow hue is clear and comparatively intense among the cultivars of this group. The proportion of transformed stamens (inner petals) varies between stems and from year to year, resulting in varying degrees of doubling. Carpels light blue-green, with soft pink stigmas. Sheath pale yellow-white. Foliage is typical of the group, low medium height bush (30 inches) is dark green, outfacing flowers are presented beyond the bush. Seedling number 926 became 926.1 after a branch sport appeared having a white flower. By subsequent divisions the alternate form is now isolated and numbered 926.2. No fertility has been noted.

Reference: 2005-334:084