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Pretty Fancy

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Pretty Fancy
Tim Stanek
Herb. Hybrid

Received January 5, 2020. Seedling No: PF. Parentage lost. First bloomed 2008, first propagated 2012. Very Early bloom season (blooms with ‘Nosegay’). DOUBLE, size 4-4½ inches (10-11½ cm), 1-4 blooms per stem, fragrance. Medium pink, fading lighter. Average of 3 carpels, light green, sparsely hairy, with pink stigmas of normal anatomy. Pollen-bearing stamens present, filaments light pink. Has produced seeds. Staminodal disc obscure. Narrow pointed foliage. Low grower to 20 inches (51 cm). Mechanical support not needed. Awarded Certificate of Merit at 2019 APS Annual Exhibition, Ames, Iowa.

Reference: 2020-Pending