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Pretty in Pink

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Pretty in Pink
Herb. Hybrid

Seedling number Hollingsworth 0991. Midseason opening, week 4 bloom time rating. Parentage: ‘Nippon Gold’ x ‘Good Cheer’. BOMB form, the compact five-inch blossom occurs one per stem. Petals color throughout is of a vivid pink-red hue. Guard petals are broad, strongly cupped, ends rounded. Inner petals are notably more narrow and tapered at ends, imparting a distinctive look to the opened flower. Stems medium height, erect, typically ranging to 32 inches in mid-continent USA climate, do not require mechanical support. Medium green leaves are more deeply divided than some other similarly bred sorts, the segments being of medium width, flat, ending in a comparatively extended point. Prolific of increase, propagates well by division or by adventitious buds formation on “blind” root pieces. Of diploid x tetraploid parentage, it is presumed triploid, no stamens, has normally formed carpels and stigmas, but seeds not found.

Reference: 2013-365:016