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Qín líng

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Qín líng
Zhang Yanlong

Parentage: Pod parent a Rockii hybrid of unknown origin, pollen parent unknown. First bloomed 2011. First propagated 2011. Flower form SINGLE, up-facing, 1 bloom per stem, 5 inches in diameter (13 cm). Petals are rounded, deep purplish pink with dark purple flares, the petal margins lightly ruffled and frilled. Carpels 5 in number, pale green, sparsely hairy. Stigmas purplish pink, normal. Has stamens and pollen, produces seeds. Partial sheath encloses carpels, creamy white, finely dotted pink. Early bloom season. Fragrance. Plant height to 48 inches (122 cm) with a somewhat spreading growth habit. A prolific seeder, a single plant yielding up to 310g (⅔ lb.) of seeds. The seed is sound and the germination rate is high.

Reference: 2018-387:13