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Richard Greenham

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Richard Greenham
Herb. Hybrid

Seedling V-256. Parentage: ‘Quitzin’ x ‘Nilitz’. Early midseason flowering, advanced generation herbaceous hybrid. Large, heavily petaled full yellow flowers, 3 per stem, 8 inches (20 cm) in size. Large 4 inch wide pale yellow guards with a hint of palest cream-pink shading. Centre petals are a richer, more complete yellow, but retain a hint of cream-pink shading. Green carpels (3 on average) with pink stigmas. Seed fertile, but pollen fertility not recorded. Foliage green, leaflets pointed and jagged. Heavy flowers on 35 inch (90 cm) stems benefit from support. Stems are slightly reddish. Considered by the originator to be likely the best yellow-flowered herbaceous peony he has seen to date. Named after an Elizabethan pastor (1540-1594) in Dry Drayton, Cambridge.

Reference: 2013-365:011