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Romantic Elegance

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Romantic Elegance
Kornder / Buchite
Herbaceous Hybrid

Seedling No: TKFM. First bloomed before 2007, first propagated 2007. Parentage unknown, received as a seedling from Tim Kornder. Blooming early mid-season, a week before ‘Red Charm’, when very few other semi-double hybrids are in flower. SEMI-DOUBLE flowers of soft cameo pink, 5½ inches (14 cm) in size, one per stem. Guards rounded, cupped; inner petals somewhat ruffled and twisted. Filaments are light pink at the base, cream pink towards tip, with pollen bearing anthers. Average of four carpels, green, with normal form and capable of seed production. Bright rose colored stigmas add interest to the bloom. The flowers are very cold tolerant and will open while other peonies may show bud damage or fail to bloom at the same low temperatures. The flower form during very cold bloom years is more cupped and during warmer bloom seasons will be more open. Compact growth habit on strong 24 inch (61 cm) stems with disease resistant foliage lasting well into the growing season.

Reference: 2018-385:06