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Rosalind Elsie Franklin

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Rosalind Elsie Franklin
Lutea Hybrid

Parentage (SH-35: Golden Era x Chinese Dragon) x Zephyrus. Hybrid tree peony, first bloomed 1992. Light pink shading darker to rose burgundy flares, filaments, sheath and carpel tips. Similar to Shintenchi but a shade lighter. 6″ flowers are single, the 10-15 petals waved, ruffled and crimped; pleasantly fragrant. 10% of the pollen is well formed and potent on other t.p.’s. No seed as yet. Blossoms are held upright on stems, but barely above foliage. Compact plant habit: 32″ high x 40″ wide. Reliable, having bloomed after -23° and -28° F. Winter. Crafts easily: 100% takes (12/12) in 1996. Named in honor of the English researcher (1920-1958, London) whose work in molecular biology helped in the discovery of the double helical structure of the DNA molecule in 1953 for which three male peers received the Nobel Prize in 1962. (It is not awarded posthumously). Seedling # SH-158

Reference: 1996-299:38