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Seedling No: 3R3. Parentage: P. rockii subsp. linyanshanii x ‘Allegro’. First bloomed 2012, first propagated 2018. SEMI-DOUBLE. Outer petals pale pink, gradually becoming darker and deep red at the heart of the flower RHS: CC 64 A,B,C,D). Red flares (RHS: CC 63A-64A) extend only 10% of petals’ length. Petals held cupped, are rounded, shallowly notched, and somewhat ruffled. One flower per stem. Flowers 6-7 inches (15-18 cm) in size. Five to 10 carpels, green and moderately hairy. Stigmas pink, with normal anatomy. Carpels surrounded by pollen-bearing stamens with filaments pink at the base, and white at the tips. Fertile. Sheath only partially developed, pink. Early Midseason bloom. Fragrance. Upright growth habit, somewhat spreading, with typical Gansu Mudan foliage. At flowering, leaves have a bronze undertone, nicely complimenting the flower. Expected height at maturity 40 inches (100 cm). Named for one of the sisters in the German fairy tale “Schneeweisschen und Rosenrot.” Rosenrot translates to rosy-red and the name thus inspired by the progression of the flower petals from pink to red. To be propagated and distributed by W. Giessler, Groß Rosenburg, Germany.

Reference: 2019 Pending