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Rosy Gem

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Rosy Gem
Origin unknown
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Species: P. arietina. History: Origin Southern Europe; history obscure. DESCRIPTION IN BRIEF: Single, purplish lake red, very early, good. DESCRIPTION IN DETAIL: Single, petals usually eight to ten in number, dentate crenate, sometimes notched and slit. Carpels light green, very tomentose; stigma, color-of petals and recurved; stamens abundant, bright yellow; filaments white next the anther, but lower down they become same color as petals. Color purplish lake red. Size small. Odor unpleasant. Foliage thick and light green, smooth above, pubescent below. Stem distinctly terete. Low grower to 15 inches high, branching, compact. Only one bloom on a stalk, no side buds.

Reference: 1908-CUB 259:130