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Rosy Prospects
Anderson, R.F. / Kornder

ITOH GROUP. Note that it was previously distributed under the garden name Raggedy Ann, which name had already been used by William Krekler, 1958. Parentage: pod parent unspecified x unregistered Anderson seedling. First bloomed 1998, first propagated 1999. SINGLE to SEMI-DOUBLE. White guard petals, slightly ruffled. Inner petals smaller with deeply incised edges. Wine colored flares, deeply pigmented at their base, but less so towards their extremities which sharply bleed, giving the visual effect of streamers. Prominent centre of 10 to 20 (sometimes more) pale green carpels tipped with rose-pink stigmas enclosed in a pink, reasonably well developed sheath. Mounding, symmetrical growth habit, height to 34 inches, with similar spread. May have stamens and pollen, and has on occasion produced seeds, but viability of seeds or resulting seedlings not yet determined. Blooms midseason.

Reference: 2008-345:017