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Saharan Sun

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Saharan Sun
Bremer, Nate
Lutea Hybrid

Received January 5, 2020. Seedling: #NB-SH117. Parentage: ‘Age of Gold’ x ‘Autumn Harvest’. First bloomed 2012, first propagated 2012. SEMI-DOUBLE to DOUBLE flower form, size 7 inches (18 cm). Medium yellow with light touches of rose on petal edges. Guard petals rounded, gently ruffled, slightly notched. Short red-maroon flares extend 20% of petals’ length, the edges blurred, not sharp. Four-five carpels, green, smooth. Stigmas cream colored, normal anatomy. Capable of seed production. Pollen-bearing stamens, filaments red at the base, yellow at the tips. Partial sheath, cream-yellow. One bloom per stem, occaisionaly with a side bud. Flowers are rather ball shaped and borne over an extended period, as side buds open later. Blooms presented in an outfacing position and are well displayed around the plant. Light vanilla-like fragrance. Midseason bloom period. Excellent large medium green foliage. Plant grows to 3½ feet (106 cm) in Wisconsin, with a spread of 4.5 feet (140 cm). Stems may be killed by winter conditions in Wisconsin, but the plant is a strong grower with hybrid vigor and regrows from basal shoots the following spring and blooms reliably. Named for the flower’s rounded sun-like shape and brilliant color.

Reference: 2020-DIR:54