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Sarah K. Thurlow

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Sarah K. Thurlow

Form: Rose. Size: Large. Color: Total effect, flesh white. Guards, flesh white with crimson streaks. Collar next to guards, nearly white. Extreme center, deeper than guards. Petals: Guards, not differentiated, quite broad and well rounded, but mostly notched at the ends. Collar next to guards, not conspicuous and merged into the other petals. Those between the collar and center are mostly broad and rounded, but with notched ends, many of them crimped like crepe. Extreme center petals, small and much crowded, about one-third the length of the outer petals, giving a cupped appearance to the center. Calyx: Light green, with crimson streaks and edges. Stem: Stiff. Odor: Sweet. Remarks: This flower resembles the variety Tourangelle very much in color and general form, but the petals are not imbricated and are considerably laciniated. A remarkably beautiful flower and exceedingly promising. Seedling # 14.

Reference: 1923-018:27