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Seidl’s Super

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Seidl’s Super
Seidl / Simmons
Herbaceous Hybrid

Parentage: Unnamed Seidl seedling (74 H III-2 x ‘Sunny Boy’) x open pollination. 74 H III-2 is (Roselette’s Grandchild II x ‘Cream Delight’). Year of first bloom not recorded, first propagated 2008. DOUBLE. Clear light bright yellow petals, without the flares you might expect inherited from ‘Sunny Boy’. Guards are rounded and 7 cm in width (2¾ inches). Three flowers per stem, flowers 16 cm in diameter (6½ inches). Carpels are pale yellow-green and variable in number from 1–4. Stigmas are cerise red and may be found with normal anatomy or feathered. Seed fertile, which along with pollen bearing light yellow stamens offers breeding possibilities. Blooms mid/late season. Stems to 80 cm (32 inches) with a spreading growth habit that benefits from support in the garden, but for cut flower production this will not be an issue. ‘Seidl’s Super’ produces a high stem count compared to herbaceous hybrids in general. Contributing also to its suitability for cut flower production are the large smooth sealed buds which protect against degradation in storage or adverse weather conditions (incidence of open buds is very low). Named to honor William (Bill) Seidl, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA, and to recognize his significant contributions to peony breeding, not only in the USA, but also in New Zealand. Correct pronunciation of Seidl rhymes with idle, which Bill certainly is not.

Reference: 2015-373:019