Peony Registry

Bremer, Nate
Lutea Hybrid

Received December 15, 2020. Seedling number NB-SH131. Parentage: ‘KC Red’ x ‘Autumn Harvest’. First bloomed 2010, first propagated 2016. Midseason bloom. Light creamy-yellow SEMI-DOUBLE, 1 bloom per stem (occasional side bud), size 6« inches (16« cm), opening softly blushed pink. Light red flares at base of petals, extending only about 5% of petals’ length, therefore rarely visible on casual observation. Guards rounded, ruffled, edges lightly creped. Inner rows slightly more ruffled, shallowly notched, frilled. Pollen-bearing stamens with filaments red at the base, yellow towards the tips. Average of 4 carpels, pale green, sparsely hairy. Stigmas red with normal anatomy. Fertile both ways but seed production depends on compatibility of pollen donor. Sheath complete, light red. Fragrant. Blue-green broadly cut foliage. Height to 36 inches (92 cm). Recommended for USDA Hardiness Zones 4B or warmer because stem loss can be experienced during severe winters, however, blooms reliably from new growth should older stems be lost. The soft creamy-yellow color suggested it be named for Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Moon.

Reference: 2021-DIR:51