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Seneca Hill Pink

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Seneca Hill Pink
Lois Girton

Garden name: ‘Seneca Hill Pink’. Parentage unknown. First bloomed 2011, first propagated 2018. Early blooming SEMI-DOUBLE flowers are lavender-pink, 17.7cm (7″) in diameter, upward facing, and average one per stem. Reddish-purple flares with blurred edges transcend approximately 25% of total petal length. Guard petals are rounded, notched, and are typically 7.6cm (3″) in diameter. Faint fragrance noted. Flowers possess on average five to six smooth, ridged, greenish-yellow carpels with dark purplish-pink stigmas of normal anatomy. Stamens are more than 2.5cm (1″) in length, with purple filaments that fade to white at the tips. Sheath is partial, and pink in color. Produces pollen in abundance, and is also seed-fertile. Plants reach 145cm (57″) at maturity, and carry narrow, pointed, green foliage with purple margins. Growth habit is upright; mechanical support is unnecessary, and the mature plant has grown into an attractive vase-like shape. Extremely vigorous and hardy, the plant has rarely experienced stem loss over winter dormancy. Floriferous, the plant regularly produces 90 blooms each season. The height, floriferous habit, and overall shape make it stand out in the garden landscape. The original plant survived a less than ideal transplant in the heat of summer (due to construction), though it took two years to fully recover. It has proven easy to propagate via grafting, even when using lateral buds as grafting material. The plant was obtained as a seedling from Ellen Hornig, Seneca Hill Perennials, in 2009 who grew it from wild-collected P. rockii seed sourced from either Will McLewin (Phedar Nursery), or Holubec of the Czech Republic.

Reference: 2023-DIR:XX