Peony Registry

Don Hollingsworth
Herbaceous Hybrid

Received January 14, 2021. Seedling number: Hollingsworth 2135. Parentage record shows ‘Winged Victory’ x open pollination, but observed ‘Sentry’ phenotype inconsistent with expectations from this cross. First bloomed before 2005, first propagated 2005. Blooms Early/Mid season (3rd week). SINGLE, striking flowers of cardinal red (RHS:53B-C) consisting of 3 rows of petals, with a sharply contrasting center of light yellow stamens and white carpels. Size 5-6 inches (13-15 cm). Petals smoothly rounded and cupped, with 1 occasionally found twisted. Carpels 4 in number, pale greenish white. Stigmas very pale blush, normal anatomy. Staminodal disc well-developed, greenish-white. Generally infertile, presumed triploid, pollen absent or rare, no seeds observed from open pollination, but a few viable seeds have been obtained when crossed by fertile tetraploid pollen in seeking fertile tetraploid progeny. Early foliage light bronze over green, matures green. Leaflets are somewhat obovate (wider toward the outer end). Narrow upright growth to 34 inches or more (86 cm). Growth is vigorous, the foliage and stems generally tolerant of fungi infection, plant appearance holding up well through summer. Bush habit is well adapted for landscape presentation with flowers presented close to the foliage on stoutly erect, medium-tall stems. Named for the rigidly erect stems and flower color, suggestive of a military watch role.

Reference: 2021-DIR:29