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Shùn zǐ

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Shùn zǐ
Sun Shengshun / Zhang Yanlong

Parentage: Pod parent a Rockii hybrid of unknown origin, pollen parent unknown. First year bloomed 2007; first propagated 2012. A rose-like flower of SEMI-DOUBLE form, 1 bloom per stem. Light reddish-purple petals with dark red flares extending 20-30% from petal base, blurred edge. Guard petals rounded with lightly ruffled margins. Flower size 5½-6½ inches (14-16 cm). Carpels 5 on average, pale green, with light yellowish white stigmas. Stigmas have normal morphology and are capable of seed formation. Pollen bearing stamens with filaments dark red in color, fading quickly to white just below the anthers. Sheath yellowish white, fully enclosing the carpels. Fragrant. Red and green foliage on emergence from ground. On young foliage there may be red but this fades out with maturity after flowering. Upright growth to 60 inches (152 cm). Midseason blooming. Named, with permission, in honor of its originator, Shengshun Sun.

Reference: 2018-387:11