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Simonne Chevalier

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Simonne Chevalier

Species — P. albiflora. Originated by Dessert, 1902. Donated by Farr. DESCRIPTION OF BLOOM — Type of bloom crown. Form of bloom medium compact to loose. Differentiated. Entirely transformed. Color (total effect) pale lilac rose 1 (178); guards clear; collar cream white, lighter than guards; center same color as guards; flecked with crimson; secondary staminodes absent. Not a typical crown; collar not prominent. Fragrance pleasant XX. Blooming time early. Large size. DESCRIPTION OF PLANT — Habit of plant medium to drooping, medium tall, medium compact. Growth medium strong. Stem medium long, medium strong, reddish green. Blooming habit medium. Buds borne in clusters. Foliage well furnished, medium green, medium size; veins reddish green. COMMERCIAL VALUE — For cut bloom medium to poor; landscape value good. Variety as a whole medium to good.

Reference: 1911-CUB 306:099