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Singing in the Rain

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Singing in the Rain
Smith, D.R.

Parentage: lactiflora Martha W. x Golden Era. First year bloomed 2000. Stamens and pollen, no seeds. Good substance. Stem strength good-approx 36″ Disease resistant with excellent foliage. Semi-double tree peony type flowers on herbaceous stems. Opening buds are pink. Flowers are yellow heavily flushed and suffused with pink when first open. From a distance, newly open flowers appear light orange. Mature flowers are a clear deep yellow with no flares. Occasional petals have dark pink streaks. Combination of the two color stages gives the overall plant a very pretty two-tone effect. Flowers measure up to 6″ in diameter. An attractive center contains a tight circle of yellow stamen and 3-4 light green carpels with yellow stigma. Extremely floriferous due to several (2-3) side buds per stem. Side bud flowers are of excellent quality and nearly as large as the terminal flowers. Massive numbers of flowers are displayed on upright to slightly arching stems just above and beyond the foliage, which literally cover the entire plant thus making this a superior landscape variety. Flowers are virtually unaffected by heavy rain, thus the name. Plant is very hardy with stems entirely from below ground over-wintering buds. Plant has a perfectly symmetric mound shape with a height of 36-40″. Excellent dark green tree peony type foliage that lasts well into autumn. Mild but very pleasant fragrance. Seedling # 1C-93-06.

Reference: 2002-324:39