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Smith Opus 2 (TAKARA)

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Smith Opus 2 (TAKARA)
Smith, D.R.

Seedling # IC-99-17. Intersectional Hybrid (Herbaceous x Tree Peony). Seed Parent: ‘Martha W.’ (Lactiflora Gp). Pollen Parent: Unregistered Daphnis lutea hybrid tree peony, D-67. First bloomed 2004. SINGLE tree peony type flowers on strong, semi-woody herbaceous stems. Flowers are an unusual and exquisite blend of colors that is ever-changing. The opening flowers appear quite pink, but are actually light yellow that is heavily flushed with lovely deep lavender pink. As the flowers mature, the pink and yellow both fade lighter and lighter, ending as a light cream or near-white with just a faint suffusion of pink and a uniquely beautiful pink picotee edge. Very large dark burgundy flares highlight an attractive and extremely prominent center. Large flowers are up to 6 inches across. Numerous lateral buds (averaging 1-2 per stem) produce excellent flowers nearly 5 inches across, thus extending the blooming for about to 2½ weeks. The flower center contains a narrow ring of yellow stamens and 3-5 pale green carpels topped with creamy yellow stigmata. The sheath surrounding the carpels is partial, cream colored. Floriferous with flowers beautifully presented on upright to slightly arching stems just above and beyond the foliage making this an excellent landscape variety. Plant is very hardy with stems entirely from below ground over-wintering buds. Near perfect hemispherical-shaped plant with a height of 28-29″. Excellent, finely cut, dark green tree peony type foliage that remains healthy well into autumn. Fragrance is mild but pleasant. Patented under name ‘Smith Opus 2’ (US PP22, 374 P2). Propagated and distributed under Trademark name TAKARA.

Reference: 2016-379:08