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Smokey Mountain

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Smokey Mountain
Bill Seidl / Nate Bremer

Seedling number Seidl MRV-11. Parentage: ‘Rock’s Variety’ x ‘Shintenchi’. First bloom date is unknown, first propagated 2007. Early mid-season blooming SINGLE to SEMI-DOUBLE flowers are a moderate smokey-pink, 15.25cm (6″) in diameter, upward facing, and average one per stem. Dark maroon flares with blurred margins emerge from flower centers and transcend approximately 30% of the total petal length. Guard petals are flat, rounded, ruffled, notched, and are typically 6.35cm (2.5″) in width. No fragrance noted. Flowers possess on average four sparsely hairy, green carpels with bright red stigmas of normal anatomy. Stamens are between 1.5-2cm (0.5-0.75″) in length, with filaments that are a maroon color transitioning to red-violet at the tips. Sheath is complete, and dark red in color. Fertile both ways. Plants reach 183cm (72″) at maturity, and carry narrow-pointed, light-green foliage with light-red petioles. Growth habit is upright. One of the largest, tallest, and hardiest woody peonies grown at Solaris Farms, a mature plant reaching six feet in height and seven feet in breadth. Plants are vigorous, even in the face of the most inhospitable conditions, and showy both in and out of bloom. An excellent candidate as a landscape plant.

Reference: 2023-DIR:XX