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Soul Mate

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Soul Mate
Bremer, Nate
Herbaceous Hybrid

Seedling number #NB-H115. Parentage: ‘Nosegay’ x P. villosa ‘Sol’. First bloomed 2014, first propagated 2017. Early blooming SINGLE flowers are white, heavily overlaid with pink, 9.5cm (3.75″) in diameter, upward facing, and average one per stem. Each petal has a white base and midrib. Guard petals are cupped, frilled, ruffled, notched, and average 3.2cm (1.25″) in width. No fragrance noted. Carpels are light-green, four in number, and heavily tomentose with white hairs. Stigmas are bright red in color, of normal anatomy, and contrast greatly with the light petal color and circular mass of yellow anthers. Stamens are between 1.5-2cm (0.5-0.75″) in length, with cream-white filaments. Extremely fertile both ways. Disc is large, toothy, and bright-rose in color. Plants reach 56cm (22″) at maturity, and carry excellent, deep-green, narrowly dissected foliage that is red at the time of emergence. Growth habit is upright, and mechanical support is unnecessary. Plants are vigorous growers and more disease resistant than many other rock-garden type cultivars. Roots are highly adventitious, and are an easy way to propagate the cultivar quickly. Fast growing plants quickly form attractive mound shapes in a garden landscape. Named for the warm and trusted feelings of a soulmate.

Reference: 2023-DIR:XX