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Souvenir de Lothar Parlasca

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Souvenir de Lothar Parlasca
Schiewe / Tetzlaff
Lutea Hybrid

SINGLE. Exact parentage unknown. An unnamed seedling, and the only yellow tree peony, from the garden of Ingo Schiewe who grew Rockii cultivars until his death in 2007. The growth and the habit of the plant is typical of P. rockii, but the flower colour is typical of P. lutea. First bloomed before 1999. First propagated 2003. The flowers are single, yellow with small red flares at the base of the petals, and are nicely fragrant. Flower size of 4½ -5 inches is more typical of lutea than rockii. It blooms in the Lutea Hybrids season. Flowers are presented up facing, one per stem. Carpels are smooth, green, average 5 in number, and have yellow stigmas. No fertility shown. Sheath not apparent. Leaves are intermediate between the parents. Leaflets are larger than typical rockii, but more finely cut than lutea. Leaf colour is dark green to blue green. Mature plant grows to a height and spread of 6 to 7 feet, is of vigorous growth and produces many ground shoots.. Frost hardiness similar to the rockiis. Propagation by grafting has a higher success rate when carried out about 2 weeks later than the rockiis. Plant is named with permission in honor of German peony enthusiast, Lothar Parlasca, who passed away in January 2007.

Reference: 2009-352:024