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Springtime Joy

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Springtime Joy
Paul and Esther Simmons
Herbaceous Hybrid
New Zealand

Seedling number 36-69. Parentage: Seedling 117 x Seedling “Millennium Sunrise Best”. First bloomed 2008, first propagated 2017. Early-midseason blooming DOUBLE light peach-yellow flowers are suffused with a light pink coloration, and exhibit a bleeding edge of very light lavender tones that manifest over 40-50% of the petal surface. Flowers are 12.5cm (5”) in diameter, as well as 12.5cm (5”) tall, are upward facing, average one per stem, and possess rounded, cupped, and notched guard petals that average a 7cm (3”) diameter. Fragrance noted. Four moderately hairy, light-green carpels with pink-red stigmas are present. Has pollen, and produces seeds. Stamens are more than 2cm (0.75”) long, with light yellow filaments. Staminodal disk is well developed, however color was not recorded at time of registration. Plants reach 55cm (21.5”) at maturity, and carry broadly pointed, green foliage. Growth habit is upright, and does not require mechanical support. The earliest flowering of the yellow herbaceous hybrids in the hybridizer’s garden, it flowers alongside ‘Bright and Beautiful’ and ‘Promise of Spring’. Has demonstrated healthiness and reliability.

Reference: 2022-DIR:XX