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Sugar Plum Fairy

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Sugar Plum Fairy
Laning / Steininger

The stock of plants for introduction obtained from Don Hollingsworth Nursery, Maryville, MO. – parentage unknown. First bloomed before 2004, first propagated before 2004, Medium size (4-5 inch (10-13 cm)) SINGLE flowers of a variable intensity, sharp red-purple hue overlaying a light buff ground color, the red-purple soon passing from the petals as the flower matures, leaving the buff color for the life of the flower. Prominent, intense red-purple flares do not fade. Individual buds open over a period of several days, displaying a range of the colors at once. There is one flower per stem, double row of petals, somewhat wispy stamens having pale filaments of the same hue as the petals, with green carpels, stigma and sheath ivory white. The sheath projections are short, reaching less than half the height of the carpels. The vigorous plant is short (24 inches (60 cm)) and comparatively broad, forming a low mound of rounded silhouette. The plant and leaflets hold appearance well through the growing season. No fertility observed. Pollen is absent, seeds have not been seen. (The attendant photo shows the mature flower with the short-lived red-purple hue having faded out.)

Reference: 2016-377:14