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Sunset Flash
Anderson / Swenson

Swenson Garden’s seedling No. RAISS-81. Parentage: ‘Martha W.’ x unknown. First bloomed 2006; first propagated 2007. SINGLE. One flower per stem, 5-6 inches in size (13-15 cm). Guards emerge copper, then evolve to peachy lavender with maturity. Inner petals creamy yellow. Red flares with bleeding edges extend 40% of petal’s length. Petals generally rounded, cupped, edges crenulated. Average of 5 green carpels, moderately hairy, topped with pink stigmas of normal anatomy. Stamens devoid of pollen, filaments yellow throughout. No seeds. Sheath pink, partial. Fragrance. Foliage typical for this type of cross, burgundy green on emergence. Height to 26 inches (66 cm), upright mounded growth habit.

Reference: 2017-382:24