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Terry Grudem

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Terry Grudem

Japanese type flower form.M. Bright red. Parentage not known. Seedling no. not given. Mid season Japanese type. Bright red in color. Staminodes a matching red, tipped light yellow. Plants tall, bright green foliage. Strong stems bearing many beautiful blooms. Blooms 7 to 8 inches in size. A standout variety in the show field. A living memorial in the form of a peony has been named after Terry Grudem, the fifteen year old grandson of the Archie Tischlers, who passed away on May 21 in Minneapolis. Terry was the son of the Donald Grudems, who are former Faribault residents, Mrs. Grudem being the former “Tiny” Tischler. The peony is a deep red color with yellow stamens, a Japanese variety. —Faribault, Minnesota, Daily News, June 15, 1963

Reference: 1963-170:23