Peony Registry

Bremer, Nate
Lutea Hybrid

Received January 5, 2020. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. Seedling #NB-SH99. Parentage: ‘Door County Sunset’ x Seidl #141. First bloomed 2010, first propagated 2011. Flower form SINGLE. One flower per stem, size 5½ inches (14 cm). Petals have a cream colored base, overlain with rose-red, which gives a peachy-orange flower on opening. This fades to creamy yellow flushed rosy-peach, the rosy-peach concentrating towards the edges giving an indistinct darker border. Back sides of petals show more yellow coloration with age than front. Petals open rounded, relatively flat, but become ruffled with moderate notching as they mature. Dark maroon flares extend about 15% of petals’ length, their edges indistinct, blurred. Typically 5 carpels, light green; stigmas greenish cream, flushed pink, viable anatomy. Sheath dusty red-purple. Pollen-bearing stamens; filaments red-purple. Fertile as a pollen parent, seeds with difficulty. Plants produce blooms in profusion, unusual for lutea hybrids and a wide range of color variations may be seen on a single blooming plant due to aging (quite striking). Fragrance absent. Mid-season bloom period. Foliage is wide and deep blue-green. In Wisconsin stem hardiness is average to good (for a lutea hybrid) and plant grows to 3½ feet (106 cm), with a spread of 4.5 feet (140 cm). Propagation by both division and grafting has proven successful. The Named for the Titan Goddess Theia, the goddess of light, sometimes referred to as the goddess of shining elements.

Reference: 2020-DIR:55