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Saunders / Waltz
Herb. Hybrid

Herbaceous Hybrid. Parentage: P. emodi x P. mlokosewitschii. Seedlings are indistinguishable from one another and were raised by Saunders under numbers 12185 – 12189. First bloomed c. 1946. Stems to 24 inches of upright growth habit. Leaves are narrow pointed, yellow-green in color, divided like emodi. Single cupped flowers are up facing (unlike emodi), 2 inches in size, and are palest yellow fading to white. No flares present. Two carpels on average, green in color, with normal shaped stigmas. Stamens and abundant usable pollen; filaments pale yellow. Rarely, if ever, produces seeds. Named to reflect the longevity of these seedlings in relative obscurity, and their arrival almost 60 years later in the 21st Century.

Reference: 2005-334:081