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Tonka Extravaganza

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Tonka Extravaganza
Roger F. Anderson / Swenson Gardens, Howard Lake, MN

Received: December 22, 2019. Seedling No. 2 RAISS A. First year bloomed 2015, first year propagated 2016. Parentage not given. Early/Midseason bloom. SINGLE. One bloom per stem, lavender purple, size 5½ inches (14 cm), subtle fragrance. Guard petals, 2½ inches in width (6⅓ cm). Smooth edge, but with a fold at mid point giving a ruffled appearance. Inner row of petals narrower. Red flares extend to 30% of petals’ length, the margins bleeding into the paler lavender purple background. Five carpels, light green, very hairy. Stigmas cream, normal anatomy. No fertility. Stamens present, but pollen absent. Filaments purple at the base, yellow towards the tip. Sheath partial, extending barely half way up the carpels, cream in color. Foliage emerges burgundy to green. Leaflets typical for Itoh Gp. Upright growth habit, height 34 inches (86 cm), support not needed.

Reference: 2020-Pending