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Tonka Pink

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Tonka Pink
Anderson / Swenson Gardens

Seedling No. 2 RAISS 2. Parentage not given. First year bloomed 2015, first year propagated 2016. Early midseason bloom. SINGLE to SEMI-DOUBLE, light pink, 5 inches (13 cm) in size, borne 1 per stem. Three rows of petals, but these are notched, and cupped which gives visual volume to the flower and also that semi-double look. Light pink petals have watermelon-colored flares extending 15-20% their length. Average of 4 carpels, green, very hairy. Stigmas pink, normal shape. Stamens but pollen absent. Filaments pink at the base, yellow towards the tips. Sheath complete, light pink, paler than the stigmas. No seeds. Early foliage burgundy to green. Typical Itoh Group foliage. Upright growth to 30 inches (76 cm). Named to recognize Minnesota’s Lake Minnetonka (Minn-ni-tanka, meaning Big Water, in the Dakota language).

Reference: Pending