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Roberto Gamoletti
Lutea Hybrid

Parentage: ‘Age of Gold’ x ‘Rosalind Elsie Franklin’. First bloomed 2010, first propagated 2015. Midseason blooming SEMI-DOUBLE flowers are yellow-orange (RHS19A) suffused with red at the center, fading outward toward a picotee edge, and with fine red veining throughout (51B). Dark-red flares (52A) with bleeding edges emanate from the flower center spanning approximately 33% of total petal length. Flowers are 16cm (6.3″) in diameter, upward facing, and average one per stem; as a rule buds point upward, appearing much like rosebuds. Guard petals are ruffled, and are typically 6cm (2.3″) in diameter, with the petal reverse appearing yellow-orange (20C/20B). No fragrance noted. Flowers possess an average of four smooth, light green carpels with yellow stigmas of normal anatomy. Stamens are naked with filaments that are dark-red in color (53B). Seed fertility noted with some effort. Sheath is complete, and pink in color with a dark-red base. Plants reach about 150cm (59″) at maturity, and carry broadly pointed, green foliage. Growth habit is upright. A sister seedling to ‘Lemon Surprise’. Named for the petal arrangement which resembles a whorl.

Reference: 2023-DIR:XX