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Seidl / Bremer
Herbaceous Hybrid

Received December 15, 2020. Seedling number Seidl 74H120-2. Parentage: ‘Blushing Princess’ x Pehrson’s unnamed ‘Sable’-‘Eclipse’ hybrid. First bloomed prior to 1980 (based on cross having been made in 1974). Has had prior distribution under both the seedling number and the name “Valkyrie.”  Early/Mid season bloom. Deep maroon-red SEMI-DOUBLE to DOUBLE, 1 bloom per stem, size 6 inches (15 cm). Flowers variable. Guard petals rounded, generally flat, may be notched at center. Petals grading smaller towards the center, becoming ruffled and coarsely frilled, and may show white edging some years. Pollen-bearing stamens interspersed among petals at center, red at the base becoming lighter at the tips. Average of 3-4 carpels, pale green, smooth. Stigmas deep red with normal anatomy. Fertile. Staminodal disc creamy-green, normally incomplete to obscure. Not fragrant. Early foliage emerges red, matures to green, broad-pointed. Spreading growth habit, height to 34 inches (86 cm), may need support when in flower. Recommended for hybridizers for color, doubleness and form. Seedlings may express similar colors and plant habits, but improved forms. Named many years ago by Bill Seidl. The deep blood-red coloration relates to the Norse mythological figure who determined who would live or die in battle. Registered due to prior wide distribution and unique floral qualities.

Reference: 2021-DIR:32